I began reflecting and introspecting on my experiences with schooling systems as a student and as an employee. In those roles, I discovered that we recognize and address student incivility such as bullying and adversarial conflict but rarely, if ever, do we do so when it involve adults.

Whether it is writing hurtful emails or Internet posts, denying access to resources, misrepresenting facts, setting someone up to fail or nurturing In-groups and Out-groups, incivility is present in our learning places, workplaces and living places, and is disruptive and preemptive to achieving life goals. 


I discovered that incivility thrives because most people do not know how civility works, what civility is, have a willingness to be civil or how to practice civility. In 2003, I founded The Civility Zone, a healing, proactive and transformative education agency offering civility engagement education, civility coaching and civility mediation to individuals, groups and organizations, schools and colleges, employees and employers on how to engage with each other using an approach grounded in civility.


The Civility Zone is designed to develop an everyday mindfulness about how we treat each other and practice civility in order to safely learn, safely work and for all to safely live within our shared spaces.


I facilitate seminars and workshops for schools, colleges and universities, and business organizations on how we can create, practice and sustain a culture of civility while learning, working and living together.  I mediate individual, workplace and learning place (school & college) conflicts, and disputes in California court civil cases.  I conduct formal research on civility, incivility, and conflict in workplaces and in education, offer an external Office of Civil Engagement and Human Dignity.


Let the healing begin?

Rhea Settles, Ed.D, M.NCRP

Educator     Liberator      PeaceBuilder