There are three environments we frequent and where incivility is pervasive and ignored:

workplaces, learning places (schools and colleges), and disputes, therefore our civility work is contextualized as:

Got a conflict?

Civility Mediation is a blend of collaborative, evaluative, reflective & transformative mediation techniques to bridge people together to peacefully resolve adversarial, competing & divisive conflict.

  • Learning Place (schools & colleges) Civility Mediation
  • Workplace Civility Mediation
  • Living Place Civility Mediation
  • Mediated Meetings
  • Online Dispute Resolution
  • Facilitated Individualized Education Program (IEP) 
  • Mediated Communication 

Got school conflicts &  problems?

Learn progressive and transformative civility techniques to heal learning places (schools and colleges):

  • Academic Safety Coaching (for students)

  • Facilitated Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings

  • Parent Work (for parents, guardians and caregivers)

  • Effective Teacher Habits (for teachers at all levels)

  • Effective Leader Habits (for leaders at all levels)

  • Effective Support Staff Habits (for support staff all levels)

Got workplace conflicts & problems?

Learn  progressive and transformative civility techniques to heal workplaces:

  • Civility Mediation for Workplaces

  • March 15 ?Non-Renewal? Civility Protocol

  • Civility Professional Safety Coaching 

  • Workplace Civility Coaching

  • Civility Informational Presentation

  • Civility Awareness Seminars*

  • Civility Learning Labs*

  • Civility Culture Campaign - Culture Transformation*


    *Satisfies California State AB 2053 Training

    EEOC recommends workplace civility training as a proactive and preventative response to incivility and escalated forms such as bullying and harassment